Beauty as Inspiration

May 14 - June 30 


Tremain Smith  - Alongside her studio practice in West Philadelphia, Tremain teaches, lectures, and leads workshops. She has been an artist-in-residence with the Penn Alexander School, Al Bustan Seeds of Culture, the Center for Emerging Visual Artists, Art Reach, and the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership.

Sarah Tremain - Sarah Tremain is a brand that is all about using art as fashion in a very literal sense. I was inspired by the depth of the paintings that I watched my mother make and I knew that I wanted to use them in a way they had not been seen before. I take images of encaustic paintings done by my mother Tremain Smith and I redesign them into prints that are then digitally printed and used to make unique pieces of clothing. This allows me to create unique and beautiful clothing that is attractive to a wide range of people. 


Deacon Phil Geliebter, a policeman, with his orange stole, holding a hoe made from an AK47!

Wear Orange

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gun Violence Awareness

The Deacons of the Diocese of Pennsylvania invite the clergy and people of our diocese to wear orange on Sunday, June 5th.  In the 80’s when AIDS was ravaging the community, many wore red ribbons to bring awareness to this plague.   Many of us wear pink ribbons to bring awareness to breast cancer and its victims and survivors and to search for the cure.   For this reason we invite you to wear an orange stole, an orange armband, an orange article of clothing or an orange ribbon to bring awareness to a crisis which is killing an injuring our people, especially our young people, in this diocese and in this country.

 has many partners, including Bishops United Against Gun Violence and Episcopalians United Against Gun Violence. 

For this reason, Episcopalians across the country will be wearing orange on Sunday, June 5th to honor those who have died due to gun violence and to bring awareness to this crisis.

Presiding Bishop  Michael Curry on gun violence at General Convention

PBS Townhall on Faith and Guns with Shane Claiborne

Ceasefire is an coalition of Mayors, Police Chiefs, Faith Leaders and people in Pennsylvania organized to take a stand against gun violence

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