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Photographic works by Blaise Tobia

Exhibition Dates:   January 10 -  February 7, 2016      

Artist Reception in the Cathedral:  Friday, January  5-7 PM 


11 AM- 1 PM

Other times by appointment

  Artist Statement      

This exhibition comprises two related series, "Catastrophes" and "Direct Objects." In both series, an everyday object (or small grouping of objects) appears in the middle of a black field. In "Direct Objects" - the older series - these objects are represented at life size and are accompanied by a two-part story. In "Catastrophes" the objects are greatly magnified and there are no texts. The objects are scanned rather than photographed with a camera; they seem very tangible but they exist in an indistinct physical space.

In "Direct Objects" the stories concern a variety of observations that are both everyday and existential. In "Catastrophes" the objects are more confrontational while their meanings are more open-ended. It is my intention that these works be more directly experiential and less mediated than in many of my other photographic series.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program is an essential component of the mission of the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness and to be an agent of Christ’s love.

The Cathedral building itself is a magnificent piece of artwork: blending Victorian architectural elements and historically significant stained glass windows with modern surfaces, contemporary lighting and completely flexible seating. The nave is one of the most coveted spaces in the city for displays of painting, photography, and sculpture. Exhibits change with each liturgical season throughout the year and provide a wonderful visual context for the wide variety of liturgies and musical programs offered in the Cathedral.

The art exhibits are one of the most important ways that the Cathedral reaches out to a wide variety of its constituencies, exhibiting the work of artists in the congregation, in West Philadelphia, throughout the City of Philadelphia, and throughout the five-county Diocese of Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Chapter of Episcopal Church and the Visual Arts is located here at the Cathedral, through which we draw from Episcopalian artists from around the country. We work cooperatively with other local arts groups, such as Taller Puertoriquena and the Interfaith Council of Philadelphia. There is also a growing permanent collection of works by major artists that is on revolving display: works produced by participants in our artist-in-residence program, works on semi-permanent loan to the Cathedral by the artists, and works that have been donated the Cathedral.

The doors of the Cathedral are open Monday through Thursday from 11am - 1pm and other times by appointment for people to view the exhibits.


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