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Cathedral Music
The Cathedral Organ

The restored and expanded
Whitelegg-Möller organ, Op. 6425


Enjoy a YouTube playlist filled with selections played on our new organ.

The design and execution of this organ project for the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral was undertaken by Emery Brothers, Adam Dieffenbach, President, for the restoration and augmentation of M. P. Mo¨ller opus 6425. Built in 1936, with 3 manuals, 33 ranks, this fine organ is at the heart of this project. It was built for and previously installed in Schwab Auditorium, Penn State University, State College, PA.

The organ restoration project began in the spring of 2018 with the award of a major grant from the Wyncote Foundation to the Cathedral as recommended by Frederick Haas and Rafael Gomez. Inspired by this gift, further support came from members of the Cathedral community, and now this organ has been restored and enlarged. The Cathedral now has an organ that will support a vibrant and growing music program, including choral work, organ recitals, liturgical and congregational accompaniment.

The tonal design of the original Mo¨ller Op. 6425 was by Richard Whitelegg, Tonal Director for the Mo¨ller company in the mid 1930’s. Whitelegg’s approach showcases English influences and brighter choruses of reeds and Diapasons than those more typical of the early 20th century. Augmentations made to this fine instrument as part of the current project are from select pipework from the Mo¨ller factory while Whitelegg was tonal director, thus maintaining the pedigree. Seven ranks of pipes are retained from our own Cathedral’s previous 1903 Austin organ complement Whitelegg’s tonal palette, preserving sounds linking us to our musical past.

MovingThe newly augmented organ now comprises 3,277 pipes in 7 divisions with 4 manuals and 55 ranks of pipes, including 3 Nave divisions at the west end of the Cathedral, providing luxurious support from the 4 corners of the Cathedral Nave. With the exception of the bottom octaves of the 32’ Bourdon (south Chancel chamber) and both the 16’ Open Diapason and 16’ Gedeckt pipes in the balcony surrounding the Rose Window, the entire organ is enclosed in four chambers, giving impressive control of the organ’s wide dynamic range.

The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral and Emery Brothers wish to acknowledge assistance from: The Reuter Organ Company, Lawrence Kansas; Opus-Two Instrument Control Systems; Paul Reese of PR3 Contracting, Lancaster, PA for extensive carpentry; and Nelson Brown, electrician, Philadelphia. We also acknowledge with gratitude Cathedral staff members: Wesley Parrott, Organist; Thomas Lloyd, Canon for Music and the Arts; Lamont Murray, Manager of Cathedral Properties; Lynn Buggage, Canon for Administration; The Very Rev. Judith A. Sullivan, Dean; and The Right Rev. Daniel G. P. Gutie´rrez, the 16th Bishop of Pennsylvania for their unfailing help and cooperation through this project.

 ~Wesley Parrott, Cathedral Organist, October 2021

Cathedral Pipe Organ Specifications

Whitelegg-Möller Opus 6425 (1936)
with additions by Emery Brothers, Allentown, PA (October, 2021)

16’  Double Open Diapason  12 pipes
8’    First Open Diapason   73 pipes
8’    Second open diapason    73 pipes
8’    Claribel Flute  73 pipes
8’    Gemshorn  73 pipes
4’    Octave  73 pipes
4’    Harmonic Flute 73 pipes
2’    Fifteenth  61 pipes
III    Mixture  183 pipes
16’  Trombone (Möller Op. 6512) 12 pipes
8’    Tromba (ext. of Trombone) 73 pipes
8’    Tuba (Ch) (by F. J. Rogers, 15” pressure) 73 pipes
Tremolo Nave Swell on Great
Chimes Nave Great on Great
Great 4' Nave on Great Pistons
Great 16' Pedal Combinations on Great
Great Unison Off  
16' Lieblich Gedeckt 73 pipes
8' Geigen Principal 73 pipes
8' Rohr Flute 73 pipes
8' Salicional 73 pipes
8' Voix Celeste (t.c.) 61 pipes
4' Principal 73 pipes
4' Triangular Flute 73 pipes
IV Mixture 244 pipes
16' Double Trumpet (from 1903 Austin) 73 pipes
8' Trumpet 73 pipes
8' Oboe 73 pipes
8' Vox Humana 73 pipes
Swell 4' Swell 16'  
Swell Unison Off  
Nave Swell on Swell  
Nave Great on Swell  
Nave on Swell Pistons  
Pedal Combinations on Swell  
8' Concert Flute 73 pipes
8' Viola 73 pipes
8' Viola Celeste (t.c.) 73 pipes
8' Dulciana 97 pipes
8' Unda Maris (t.c.) 61 pipes
4' Flute d'Amour 73 pipes
4' Dulcet (from Dulciana)  
2 2/3' Dolce Twelfth (from Dulciana)  
2' Dolce Fifteenth (from Dulciana)  
8' Clarinet 73 pipes
16' Trombone (Gr)  
8' Tromba (Gr)  
8' Tuba Choir 2 2/3'
Tremolo Choir Unison Off
8' Harp (t.c.) (49 bars) Nave Swell on Choir
Chimes (G-g) (25)  Nave Great on Choir
Choir 16' Pedal Combinations on Choir
Choir 4'  
32' Bourdon 12 pipes
32' Resultant 12 pipes
16' Diapason 32 pipes
16' Double Diapason (Gr)  
16' Bourdon 32 pipes
16' Lieblich Gedeckt (Sw)  
16' Gemshorn (Gr) 12 pipes
8' Octave (ext. of Diapason) 12 pipes
8' Major Flute (ext. of Bourdon) 12 pipes
8' Claribel Flute (Gr)  
8' Gemshorn (Gr)  
4' Triangular Flut (Sw)  
32' Trombone (notes 1-12 are III Harmonics) 36 pipes
16' Trombone (Gr)  
16' Double Trumpet (Sw)  
8' Tromba (Gr)  
8' Double Trumpet (Sw)  
8' Tuba (Ch)  
4' Double Trumpet (Sw)  
Chimes (Gr) (25)  
32' Resultant  
16' Open Diapason (Nv Gr) 12 pipes
16' Gedeckt (Nv Sw)  
8' Open Diapason (Nv Gr)  
8' Gedeckt (Nv Sw)  
4' Open Diapason (Nv Gr)  
4' Gedeckt (Nv Sw)  
16' Fagotto (Nv Sw)  
8' Fagotto (Nv Sw)  
4' Cromorne (Nv Gr)  
8' Open Diapason (from Möller Op. 6512) 61 pipes
8' Doppleflute (Roosevelt, notes 1-12 from Melodia)  
8' Melodia (from 1903 Austin) 62 pipes
8' Bois Celeste (t.c.) (from 1903 Austin) 49 pipes
4' Octave (from Möller Op. 6512) 73 pipes
2' Super Octave (from Möller Op. 6512)  
II Grave Mixture (from Möller Op. 6512)  
8' Flugelhorn (from Reuter, revoiced) 61 pipes
8' Cromorne (from 1985 Austin) 61 pipes
8' Tuba (Ch)  
Tower Bells (13)  
Chimes (Gr) (25)  
Great on Nave  
Nave Great 16'  
Nave Great 4'  
Nave Great Unison Off  
16' Gedeckt (from Möller Op. 6512) 12 pipes
8' Viole (from 1903 Austin) 73 pipes
8' Voix Celeste (from 1903 Austin) 61 pipes
8' Gedeckt (from Möller Op. 6512) 73 pipes
4' Open Flute (from 1985 Austin) 73 pipes
2 2/3' Nazard  
2' Piccolo (from Möller Op. 6512) 12 pipes
1 3/5' Tierce  
16' Fagotto (from Möller Op. 9453) 12 pipes
8' Fagotto (from Möller Op. 9453) 73 pipes
Nave Swell 16'  
Nave Swell 4'  
Nave Swell Unison Off  



Great to Pedal 8’ & 4’

Swell to Pedal 8’ & 4’

Choir to Pedal 8’, 5 1/3’, 4’

Nave Great to Pedal 8’ & 4’

Nave Swell to Pedal 8’

Swell to Great 16’, 8’, 4’

Choir to Great 16’, 8’, 5 1/3’, 4’, 2 2/3’

Nave Great to Great 8’ & 4’

Nave Swell to Great 8’ & 4’

Swell to Choir 16’, 8’, 4’

Nave Great to Choir 8’ & 4’

Nave Swell to Choir  8’ & 4’

Choir to Swell 8’, 4’, 2 2/3’

Nave Great to Swell 8’

Nave Swell to Swell 8’

Great/Choir Transfer


Crescendos: Full and Orchestral (programmable)

Sostenuto pistons for all manuals

Sostenuto release/Tremolos On pedal spoon

Pedal Divide (self adjusting down to 3 half steps)

8 Manual pistons per manual

8 Pedal pistons

18 General pistons

300 piston levels X 3

Memory Up and Memory Down pistons


Next and Previous pistons under Swell, Great, Choir and Pedal pistons

All Next piston

General Cancel Piston

Set Piston

5 Swell Pedal and Swell shade locators

Swell shade matrix for Chancel and Nave shade controls

Manual and Pedal coupler reversibles

Swell to Great reversible piston

Choir to Great reversible piston

Swell to Choir reversible piston

Transposer (+ or – 16 half steps)

Record/Play back






Second 3 manual console in Balcony

      (from the previous Austin Organ)

New Main 4 manual Console

by Reuter Organ Co.

New chests for Nave Divisions

by Reuter Organ Co.

Opus-Two operating system










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