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Godly Play

Our Sunday Program
Child-centered, spiritual, and fun, our Children’s Education programs help children express the spiritual dimension of their lives and build on their innate faith.
Using the wonderful curriculum, Godly Play, we tell the Biblical story in its purest form – face to face and heart to heart--to a listening circle of children. Montessori-based, Godly Play uses physical objects and simple yet imaginative language to make stories come alive to even the youngest child.
Our Promise to You
Your child will find a safe and loving home at the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral. We offer a child-safe  and supportive environment with professional instruction from dedicated, trained teachers who have received all necessary clearances.


Godly Play photographs taken by Sam Wiggins

The Godly Play Center

The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral seeks to address the spiritual needs of children and their families in the Philadelphia region and West Philadelphia specifically through the establishment of the Godly Play Center. The Godly Play Center will help to foster new Godly Play programs and help support existing programs. It will accomplish this through the provision of training, of support for under-resourced programs, and creation of a model classroom open to visitors. .Although located on the grounds of the Philadelphia Cathedral and serving Episcopal congregations throughout the diocese, the Center will be open to all denominations, reaching out to children and their educators in other Christian traditions, as well as children not currently attending formal religious education.

The programs at the Center focus on three areas:

1.    Allowing children to explore the spiritual dimension of their lives through participation in a Godly Play class with trained spiritual directors. 

2.    Providing training for Christian educators in the spirituality of early childhood, best practices of the Godly Play classroom, developmentally appropriate adaptations of Godly Play, working with children who have disabilities, classroom management in a spiritual setting, and integrating highly researched Montessori principles into the classroom.

Providing materials and support for under-resourced churches in the Philadelphia region to develop successful Godly Play programs. This includes support in creation of Godly Play materials and ongoing mentoring during the crucial first two years of the new program.


Godly Play room

Godly Play 2 2013

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