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Godly Play, Nursery & Childcare
Seasonal Children and Family Worship

Seasonally at 10 am in the Liem Azar Center

Children and Family Worship is an exciting ministry that empowers children to participate in worship services and explores the ways they experience and connect with God. Like all worship services, we meet people where they are, so wiggles, giggles, questions, and everything in between are welcome here. 

Led by members of the Cathedral clergy and Cathedral Children’s Ministries,  this creative and intentional liturgy invites children to experience and explore the words we say, prayers we pray, and movements we do that make up our liturgical life together. 

As in “big church,” a ringing singing bowl calls us to worship. We gather around our own font and and get ready to worship by washing away the mistakes of our weak, asking God for a new start. We then listen to scripture readings and the story of the day, which may be a Godly Play or Out of the Box story, a Bible story, or a wonderful picture book. After reflecting on this story together, we  travel to the altar to share a sacred meal, and we close with a blessing for each child.

Children’s Worship  offers children deep and joy-filled experiences of worship with our wonderful clergy in an intimate setting.  We illuminate  Anglican liturgical traditions  to prepare children  for a meaningful life of worship.


Last Published: January 27, 2023 9:50 AM