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Cathedral Arts
Cathedral Windows


East End

The windows in the semi-circular apse at the east end of the Catherdral were added in the 1920s and depict the Patron Saints of the Allies during World War I.  The saints, left to right, are as follows:
St. Albert of Liege, Belgium, and St. David of Wales
St. Peter and St. Paul of Italy
St. Augustine and St. Columba of the British Isles
St. Andrew of Scotland and St. Patrick of Ireland
St. Denis of France and St. Nicholas of Russia
Two figures who are not saints are also depicted. One is Christopher Columbus, discoverer of America, with chart and compass in hands; and the other is Origen of Alexandria, the great scholar-presbyter of the third century, who was one of the outstanding Christian thinkers and writers of the early church and who believed the earth was round.
In the middle of this series of windows is a depiction of Christ Enthroned.

Upper Level
The clerestory windows depict the coats of arms for the following dioceses in the United States and United Kingdom:
Bath & Wells
New York
Rhode Island
Isley and Ross
South Carolina
8CY_3815_7_8_9_tonemappedNorth side nave windows
The Birth of Christ in memory of John F. Smith and Elizabeth Monroe Smith by their son, Monroe Smith (installed by The Gorham Co. c. 1905-1907)
St. Paul & St. Mary Magdalen/Christ and the Rich Young Ruler in memory of Charles and Kate G. Watson by the family (installed by John Hardman & Co. c. 1903-1909)
Christ Surrounded by Angels in memory of Charles L. and James Abbott Thurlow
Josias and Eleazar/Christ Blessing Children in memory of Charles M. Ghriskey (1821-1901) (Installed by John Hardman & Co. c. 1903-1909)
Adoration of The Magi in memory of Monroe Smith by his wife (installed by The Gorham Co. c, 1907-1909)
Jacob and Judah/The Annunciation "Hail Highly Favouredin memory of Frances Drexel Paul by her husband James W. Paul (installed by John Hardman & Co. c. 1903-1909)
The Baptism of Christ "The Greatest of These is Charity in memory of Anthony J. Drexel by his grandson Livingston L. Biddle (installed by Tiffany, New York c. 1903-1906)

South side nave windows
The Good Shepherd in memory of James W. Paul and Hanna C. Paul by their son James W. Paul, Jr. (installed by Church Glass and Decorating Co. c 1903-1907)
The Hoffman Head of Christ (over south door) in memory of Nathan Stem Bosbyshell, son by Col. and Mrs. O. C. Bosbyshell (installed by Horace J. Phipps & Co. 1906)
Mary and Joseph/The Marriage Feast at Cana in memory of John D. and Sarah P. Taylor by their children (installed by John Hardman & Col. 1906)
Christ Before Pilate a Garret Memorial (Quid est Veritas) by Mrs. W. Garrett (installed by Willet Stained Glass Studios 1910)
Behold, I Stand at The Door and Knock in memory of George W. and Sarah A. Montgomery by Mary E. Montgomery, daughter (installed by Church Glass and Decorating Co. c. 1907-1909)
Christ in the Home at Bethany in memory of Mary A. Neafie & Martha P. Hall by Mrs. W. Garrett (installed by John Hardman & Co. 1912)
The Ascension of Our Lord in memory of the Rev’d Dr. William Wilberforce Farr, D.D. (rector 1877-1882) by Mrs. William W. Farr (installed by Gorham Co. c. 1905-1907)

South-west small door window
St. Gregory instructing a Boys Choir, in memory of Clarence Lincoln Blaine through a gift of the congregation and community (Installed by John Hardman & Co.in 1916)

8CY_4195_196_197_198_199_200_tonemappedThe Rose Window - in memory of James W. Paul Jr.
Beginning at the bottom and going around to the left, there are twelve scenes illustrating, in order, the life of Jesus. Look at the window as if it were a clock and imagine the number in parenthesis is the hour shown.
(6) The Wise Men visit the Manger
(7) Jesus talking in the Temple
(8) John baptizes Jesus in the Jordan
(9) The temptation of Christ
(10) Christ talks to Nicodemus
(11) The woman washing the feet of Jesus
(12) The raising of Jairus’s daughter
(1) Jesus blessing the little children
(2) Jesus breaking bread at the Last Supper
(3) The agony at Gethsemane
(4) The kiss of Judas in betrayal
(5) Pilate washing his hands

Center- Christ the King with crown and orb
The center window is Christ in Majesty, sitting upon his throne, holding in his left hand the orb surmounted by a cross as the symbol of his divine majesty.

The Lancets
The scenes depicted in the Rose Window are flanked on each side by two lancets. One represents the Angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that Christ would be born; the other is the Crucifixion. Thus these two lancets, one representing the beginning of Jesus’ earthly history, and the other the end of his earthly ministry, have between them scenes in the life so begun and so ended.

Some mural and window notes attributed to John Gregory, Vestry treaurer of the former Cathedral Church of the Saviour.  Text date unknown.  Corrections to these notes drawn from the Census of Stained Glass Windows in America, "Cathedral Church of the Saviour"


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