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Cathedral Arts
Blashfield Murals
The mural dome by Edwin Blashfield (1848-1936) was created in the beaux-art style in 1906 in memory of Anthony J. Drexel. The composition presents a choir of adoring angels surrounding the central angel holding the grail, the cup thought to be used by Jesus in the last supper with his disciples. Below are thirteen cherubs. The color scheme is of golden light, blue amid pale tints, with a flat massing of halos. The planets in nebulous spots of gold and cloud masses suggest the idea of an other-worldly space. The Grail theme suggests that an eternal sacrifice has been made. The harmonious progress of our human race in the past and the hope future progress is all based on the willing sacrifice of innocence for guilt.  The lower wall murals behind the altar present eleven figures, various "sorts and conditions" of humanity, holding lilies and turning toward the center and upward toward the Grail in the semi-dome.  These murals, Blashfield wrote, present "beauty applied to utility" as "a supreme teacher, through the arts of patriotism, morals and history."   
Last Published: October 31, 2018 11:59 AM