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Cathedral Arts
Cathedral Arts Overview

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The Cathedral Arts program is an essential component of the mission of the
Philadelphia Cathedral to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness and
to be an agent of Christ’s love.  A recent article in the Episcopal Journal documents our vision.

The Cathedral building itself is a magnificent piece of artwork: blending
Victorian architecture and historically significant stained glass windows
with modern surfaces, contemporary lighting and completely flexible
seating. The nave is one of the most coveted spaces in the city for
displays of painting, photography, and sculpture. Exhibits change with
each liturgical season throughout the year and provide a visual context
for the wide varied of liturgies and cultural programs offered in the

The art exhibits are one of the most important ways that the Cathedral
reaches out to a wide variety of its constituencies, emphasizing the work
of local artists in the congregation, in West Philadelphia, throughout the
City of Philadelphia, and in the five-county Diocese of Philadelphia. The
Philadelphia Chapter of Episcopal Church and the Visual Arts is located
at the Cathedral, through which we draw from Episcopalian artists from
around the country. We work cooperatively with other local arts groups,
galleries, museums and educational institutions.

There is also a growing collection of work that is on revolving display,
including works that have been donated to the permanent collection plus
several works on temporary or semi-permanent loan. 

Thomas Lloyd is the Cathedral’s Director of Music and Arts.

Cathedral Artists
The Cathedral is especially blessed to have an unusual number of practicing visual artists in our congregation. Every two years we host an exhibit of works by the artists in our congregation and the diocese. Here is a list of some of them, with website links, where you can see their work.


Last Published: April 27, 2023 11:10 AM